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DSN test machine manufacturing Co., Ltd has registered capital of 6 million Yuan, is a company specialized in the production, manufacture and sales of testing machine manufacturers, is specializing in the production of machine manufacturers and wholesalers. Company has pull test machine, pressure test machine, universal test machine (electronic universal test machine, hydraulic universal test machine), impact test machine, electronic servo universal test machine, spring test machine, panel test machine, seven a series production manufacturing license and related production qualification, through has ISO9001 international quality system certification and national measurement system certification, won has "Jinan ninth territories consumers satisfaction units" of title.

In 2008, the company settled xinguang industrial park, currently employs 120 people and has many years in the testing machine industry professional and technical research and development staff of 32, and a CAD computer-aided design systems, measuring rooms, set up a machine shop, machine second workshop, Assembly workshop, Assembly Workshop II, intelligent paint rooms and related facilities.

Company successfully developed the PCI amplifier card and the Chinese version of trial software, simple operation, fully in line with GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and other international standards and the requirements of national standards, industry standards, and the use of digital, fully guarantee the quality of products on the basis of ongoing research and development on product, product always lead the industry.

Company products are widely used in electronics, the defense industry, aerospace, petrochemical, textile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and other fields, and to cooperate closely in domestic well-known institutions, enterprises. Company also actively developing overseas business, products are exported to Viet Nam, India, Egypt and other countries and regions.

The company spirit of "quality, professional service" for the purpose of "Science and technology, quality, competition and innovation" as a concept, through constantly learn new technologies, new ideas, and continue to develop new products, and provide our customers with quality pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.

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